How To Measure Your Feet.

How To Measure Your Feet.

Shopping for shoes online can be a little bit difficult, especially since you cannot try anything on and some shoes may vary a bit in cm/in depending the brand.  Below is a guide on how to measure your feet to make it easier when buying shoes online, helpful when getting your shoes from The Beaver Boutique  .

1. First, grab the materials you'll need. A piece of paper, a pen or pencil and a tape measure or ruler.


2. Put one of your feet on the paper and trace your foot. Make sure you are standing over tile or hardwood floor. Also tracing your feet in the evenings will help, since they tend to swollen throughout the day, and this will help for a better accurate measurement. 

Repeat on other foot.


3. After you trace both foot, you want to measure from the the tip of your biggest toe to your heel. You can do this in two different ways, a) by tracing from the biggest to the heel or b) by making a perpendicular line and measure it. 




After you traced your feet, take the measurement of your biggest foot, one is always bigger than the other, and use it to find the closest centimeter from your foot measurement and our sizing charts for our shoes. 

I hope this guide was helpful and it will give you a better stress-free shoe shopping experience

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