About Us


Hello, and welcome to our boutique!

I am V the owner of The Beaver Boutique and I am very happy you decide to join us :) A little bit about me; I am a mom of a smart little young girl that keeps me on my toes, I am a chemist, and of course a boutique owner.

The pictures shown here  like many others makes me so happy. Why? Because at one point in my life I was a bit sad and deep inside I wanted to find a purpose and happiness, I wanted to do something meaningful... Not sure how I stumbled into a subscription clothing box, but when did, I decided why not try it. That was the best decision ever, you see those smiles in the pics, they are totally genuine, the surprises I received that were tailored to my likes were perfect and made me feel so happy and content with myself.
At that moment I realized I wanted that happiness and joy for people, I wanted people to feel good about themselves and take on the world like I once did. You might think it is just clothes and believe me it is not vain, but when you are in a crazy state of mind you have no idea how clothes and the support from an amazing community of clothing addict ladies can do for your self esteem. It is a feeling hard to explain, unless you been there, but sometimes there is a trigger that just makes sense, and to me was clothing.
I felt better about myself, more confident, more beautiful, and I wanted to wear my new garments and dress for any occasion. Friends, that is how the dream of The Beaver Boutique was born, the main reason I took on this adventure. So stay tuned because spreading happy smiles is my goal, one garment at a time. ❤



 (Yes, I am very silly, but who doesn't ;)  )