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For your Future Self- Curated Box

For your Future Self- Curated Box

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This is an one-time purchase box, it does not open a subscription of anything of the sort. Since getting subscription boxes for over 10 years I been wanting to curate my very own. After a few tries and given up,  one day the items included in this box came to my head and here we are. Finally making my dream come true! 

Kimono $38:
Now or later, a kimono is a great piece to wear anywhere and anytime, timeless pieces are a great reminder how far you come.

Labradorite Tower $22
Is the stone for transformation and courage. Even if you don't work with crystals it is a beautiful crystal to look at it's beautiful shimmer and use as decoration.

Leather Journal with Fluorite or Black Tourmaline Crystal $25:
Blanked journal you can use to draw, doodle or use for journaling. There is something about putting thoughts to paper
that makes such an impact in our life. A free pdf was sent via email for prompts to use when you need them.

Inspiration Deck $22:
Sometimes you just need a little pick me up for the day, I hope these cards does exactly that for you, pick one for the day,
read the description and let that thought sink in. Also, these cards will be great to use as journaling prompts as well.

Soy Crystal Candle $18:
Set an intention for the future when lighting this candle that contains lapis lazuli, a stone for self-awareness and truth.
As you come out to the "light" from your "vampire hideout", let this candle remind you as it burns that you can do
things, and are open to come out of your shell.


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